Crime Center

Crime Center


CRIME CENTER is a not-for-profit organization*, technology centric group, dedicated to the law enforcement, anti-fraud, identity theft, and cyber crime community. Find relevant news, training information, interact with others and research common issues and goals.


The websites are currently in the construction process which will focus on technology related issues at the following locations:

Law Enformement

Insurance Fraud

Identity Theft

Cyber Crime



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Law Enforcement Crime Center


Please pardon our virtual dust, we are still under construction...

The law enforcement world is rapidly changing with the advances in technology. This technology allows for more efficient file sharing, and effective crime detection and prevention. However, all these advancements and needed tools don’t come cheap. The majority of departments face cutbacks in their budgets, and with these cutbacks new crime prevention technology and fraud bureaus are the first to feel the effects. Our mission at Crime is to provide the information and support where it is needed most, in order to make the world a safer place for the community and our dedicated law enforcement personnel.More


Insurance Fraud Crime Center

Insurance fraud is committed at an almost diabolical level from adding in extra tests, per patient, that were never performed to whole non-existent clinics filing claims with stolen medical information. People commit auto insurance fraud by inflating claims. This fraud is sometimes considered a victimless crime, but every illegal claim filed cause the ever rising costs to be passed on to the taxpayers and consumers.More


IdentiY Theft Crime Center

Identity theft is easily preventable by protecting your personal identification. Shredding bank statements and important documents; keeping your important paperwork in a secure place. Criminals dig through garbage to find names, addresses and account numbers and proceed to open accounts in your name for their financial gain. Simple vigilance is all that is needed to protect your accounts and identity. More


Cyber Crime Center

There are a variety of cyber crimes perpetrated on the general public. Cyber hackers grab your IP address to mask the identity of multiple crimes from online orders to hiding their location while using the internet. A common problem for Americans is an internet activity called phishing. This online attack is a simple yet effective scheme consisting of criminals directing unknowing users to another site that mimics a legitimate bank, store, or retail site. Cyber crimes also include viruses that replicate and spread throughout a network, and Cyber stalking which is the same as physical stalking, but includes your whereabouts, and social media. More






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Mail Drop Seach Database

This free database searches through thousands of entries to see if the address is a mail box rental service. Professional scammers rent mailboxes which "appear" to look like a physical address.